Canadian oil sands: The Patch – by Chris Turner

The rise of the Canadian oil sands is an amazing story. In this book, Chris Turner relates the numerous aspects of that story, thoroughly and equitably. As the writer himself portrays it, the book is a record of the impact between contending world perspectives, the first major fight between the economic need of oil production and the ecological need of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, a characterizing story of the twenty-first-century energy business.

And guess what? 

This book was the winner of the National Business Book Awards in 2018.


The Basics of The Patch

It has taken under 10 years for the Canadian oil sands and related pipelines to arise as one of the hottest topics in Canadian business and politics. However, the historical backdrop of attempts to build up the resources reaches out as far back as the late nineteenth century. Turner works superbly of clarifying the elements that prompted quite a sensational change in just a couple of years.

The Patch is substantially more than a simple overview of the politics, business, and economics of the oil sands, pipelines, and environmental change. Turner explained his story generously related with human interest stories of the assorted labor force and human lives.

Also, The Patch is the story of the quick development of Fort McMurray, a city that ingrains deep pride and loyalty among its more than 70,000 permanent residents. Turner relates the story of a girl from Toronto city who was stunned by how fast she fell in love with Fort McMurray.

Chris Turner’s Efforts

At once a book based on history, a technical record of strategies used to separate oil from sand, and a socio-political analysis, The Patch amazingly stitches together the personal stories of Marvin L’Hommecourt, Raheel Joseph, Maryellen Fenech, and a few others whose lives are directly attached with the oil sands industry. However, the stories of Maritimers and immigrants, transplants from local Dene and Toronto, heavy machines operators and petroleum engineers, fishers, catchers, husbands and wives, writer Chris Turner made an incredible story about the complexities of life.

The subjects of scale and pervasiveness are prominently highlighted in this book. The massive size of a Caterpillar 797 haul truck is coordinated by the magnitude of the worldwide climate crisis. The hydrocarbons from a barrel of oil are in our skincare items, vehicles, and even in our candies. Turner made his research based on these subjects in an incredibly nuanced way that gives highlights and insights of those complexities, you won’t be able to find in the political world that moves around the area of industry statements about growth, jobs, reforestation, or the annual reports of environmental associations lamenting the devastation brought by the oil sands.

Wrap up

Furthermore, there is one more thing that we all need to understand: the responsibility regarding the change is on all of us. As he closes, Turner shared a lot of his own life experiences and the approaches by which he – as an author, traveler, writer and former Green Party participant – is likewise “dug in,” as he puts it as completely complicit in the long standard of oils as anybody.

Who realized that a 319-page business book could be so impressive? 

The Patch is the best book without a doubt especially for those who are interested in stories related to business, economy, or politics.