Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results by Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams

Is your leadership costing you? 

Are you building up your leadership effectiveness at the pace of progress? 

If yes, then this book is for you!

Today, for most leaders, complexity is dominating their collective and even personal growth. Some leaders are lucky enough to realize it. The best companies are the best led over time. While this has consistently been valid that today, increasing global complexity puts the effectiveness of leadership at a higher cost than expected. 

Mastering Leadership includes building up the effectiveness of leadership, separately and collectively, and transforming that leadership into a competitive benefit.

Let’s find out more!

The Inspiration and Logic

The writers of this book state at the beginning that great leaders should have these sets of qualities: 

  • Compassion and Courage.
  • Integrity and Effectiveness.
  • Character and Competence.
  • Wisdom and Consciousness.

Why in pairs? Observe it for a second! You can be effective and can be evil (do nothing good) at the same time. How many famous national leaders would you be able to name from recent events and history who have successfully caused the damage only? Likewise, you often know the leaders who have the courage to cheat or mislead and have no compassion for individuals, both in the political and business fields.

Similarly, numerous leaders are competent but need a good character and are conscious of short-term business or political profits but don’t have the wisdom to understand that these profits may not be feasible on a long-term basis.

It’s Importance in Business World

In the world of business, we live in the present moment. There is not just developing complexity yet, expanding competition worldwide. Like never before, there is a great requirement for talents like productive representatives and profits got from B2B or B2C clients. 

To take advantage of profits and talents, effective business leaders with integrity are required and this demand is more noteworthy than ever before. These business leaders must be competent enough to contend on the global platform. The worst option in contrast to this is more loss of jobs.

The writers bring up that not just complexity is dominating the improvement of effective and consciously competent leaders, yet also the world is confronting a leadership crisis. Our collective assistance, authoritatively and globally, relies upon our capacity to make leaders that are capable of making a flourishing future for everybody.

These concepts are explained very well by the content of this book that highlights many issues covered in the 13 chapters of this bestselling leadership book.

Wrap up

There are a lot of books out there, especially on leading and directing organizations to accomplish their objectives, but still, this one stands apart from all. While it examines numerous models of leadership and shows various charts, it is also simple, practical, well-structured, written with clarity, and easy to understand. 

Robert Anderson and William Adams, authors of Mastering Leadership, truly deserve a lot of appreciation for this masterpiece.