When are the general dates for The March Hare?

The Island portion of the Hare always takes place the second week of March opening in St Johns on Wednesday, then travelling across the Island to Gander on Thursday and to Corner Brook and the West Coast for events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Toronto readings take place on the Friday and Saturday of the previous week at the Brass Taps on College Street.

What is the price of tickets to the various March Hare events?

The price for each show at the Brass Taps is $20.00. Tickets for the Wednesday performance in St John’s, Friday night performances in Corner Brook and Rocky Harbour, Saturday night performance in Corner Brook, Sunday afternoon show at the Glynmill Inn are $10.00. All other shows are free.

Why does the March Hare have some of its performers appear on a regular basis?

The March Hare is a “gathering,” a time spent together, where the interval between shows is as crucial to the artists and patrons as show time. The gathering attracts artists from all over the world, in part because of the way they experience this place. As well, the gathering sustains the March Hare Committee from year to year and year after year. Certain people help to provide the chemistry. Al Pittman knew this.

Will the books and cd’s of performing artists be available for sale?

There will be a book table at the Friday and Saturday evening performances in Corner Brook. This will be run by a professionals from the Grenfell College Bookstore. Any persons performing at any of the venues for that year are welcome to have books and cd’s on that table. Some of the artists may have books and cd’s available at the various other venues and they would need to be contacted directly.