2017 Authors and Musicians

Kate Braid
Kate Braid
Kate Braid has written 14 books of prize-winning poetry and non-fiction about her experiences as a construction carpenter, about artists Emily Carr, Georgia O’Keeffe and pianist Glenn Gould, as well as about fishermen and mill workers. In the last few years she has been awarded the Vancouver Mayor’s Award for the Arts and the Pandora’s Collective BC Mentor Award.
See www.katebraid.com


Linda Byrne
Born in a small, now resettled, outport in Placentia Bay, Linda Byrne (nee Slade) moved to Arnold’s Cove at an early age. An interest in traditional folksongs prompted her to collect and learn a vast repertoire from the traditional singers both within her family as well as from those with whom she associated such as Mary Caul and Mac Masters. After moving to St. John’s this interest continued with her involvement with the early development of The Folk Club and the Folk Arts Council (now the Folk Arts Society). A participant, both as a volunteer and performer, in the very first Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival in Bannerman Park which recently celebrated its 37th. year, Linda’s involvement in the festival has continued and most recently she has been a convenor and organizer of the Song Circle which celebrates unaccompanied songs and recitations on the last Thursday of each month at the Crow’s Nest. Linda’s repertoire of songs includes traditional English, Irish and Scottish ballads as well as those which have become Newfoundland favourites. She also has a fond appreciation for and an ability to present faithful renditions of old time country and western favourites as well.

Joe Byrne
Originally from Great Paradise, Placentia Bay, Joe’s family moved to St. John’s when he was quite young. In the early 60’s he moved to North Carolina in the US where his musical tastes were influenced by the country and bluegrass music of the region. Returning to Newfoundland to pursue graduate studies at Memorial he became involved with the growing Newfoundland cultural renaissance of the time. He and his brother Pat, along with Baxter Wareham, began playing traditional and original Newfoundland songs and music at festivals and the like and this resulted in the production of the album “Towards the Sunset.” The 30th year anniversary of the release of the album was marked in October, 2013 by a CBC produced concert at the LSPU Hall at which Joe, Pat and Baxter reprised many of the songs from the album along with help of a number of well-known local singers and musicians.


Mark Callanan
Mark Callanan is the author of Scarecrow (Killick Press, 2003), which was shortlisted for the Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award for Poetry; Sea Legend (Frog Hollow Press, 2010), shortlisted for the bpNichol Chapbook Award; and Gift Horse (Véhicule Press, 2011), shortlisted for the BMO Winterset Award and the Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award for Poetry. His poetry has appeared in several anthologies, including Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets. With James Langer, he edited The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry.

He lives in St. John’s.
See markcallanan.wordpress.com

J. R. Carpenter
J. R. Carpenter is a Canadian-born UK-based artist, writer, performer, postdoctoral researcher, and maker of maps, zines, books, poetry, short fiction, long fiction, non-fiction, and non-linear, intertextual, hypermedia, and computer-generated narratives. Her pioneering works of digital literature have been exhibited, published, performed, and presented in journals, galleries, museums, and festivals around the world. She is a winner of the CBC Quebec Writing Competition (2003 & 2005), the QWF Carte Blanche Quebec Award (2008), the Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book (2008), and the Dot Award for Digital Literature (2015). She lives in Devon.
See http://luckysoap.com

Robert Chafe
ROBERT CHAFE has worked in theatre, dance, opera, radio and film. His stage plays have been seen in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and in the United States, and include Oil and Water, Tempting Providence, Afterimage, Under Wraps and The Colony of Unrequited Dreams. He has been shortlisted twice for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, and he won the award in 2010. He is the playwright and Artistic Director of Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland. Two-Man Tent is his first work of fiction. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Chafe


Tom Dawe
Tom Dawe has been a high school teacher, English professor, visual artist, editor, writer and poet. He has published about twenty volumes, including poetry, folklore and childrens’ literature.

His latest works include

  • Where Genesis Begins (Breakwater, 2009), winner of The Canadian Authors’ Association Poetry Award.
  • Moocher in the Lun, winner of the Bruneau Award for Childrens’ Literature.
  • The Wonderful Dogfish Racket, finalist for the 2015 Bruneau Award.
  • An Old Man’s Winter Night: Ghostly Tales

His work has appeared in many magazines, journals and anthologies. In the seventies, during the ‘Newfoundland Renaissance’, he was one of the founders of Breakwater Books, a founding editor of TickleAce and prose editor of The Livyere, a folklore journal.

Recipient of many awards and honours, in 2007 he was awarded a WANL Lifetime Membership and was elected to the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Hall of Honour. In 2012 he was named a member to the Order of Canada and also to the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador.
See Tom Dawe

Paul Dean
Paul is a geologist, writer, storyteller and singer from Newfoundland. For fifteen years, he has been a regular performer and reader at the March Hare Literary Festival. Many of his stories are based in the small community of North Harbour, Placentia Bay, where he was born and spent his early years. His first book Come on with the Punt; March Hare Stories, was published by Pedlar Press in 2016. Paul lives in St. John’s and Trinity East, Newfoundland, with his family and many friends.


Damhnait Doyle
Damhnait Doyle was born in Newfoundland and Labrador and throughout her career has released eight full length recordings as both a solo artist and a part of award-winning groups Shaye and The Heartbroken. Damhnait has toured Canada extensively, opening for legends like Willie Nelson and Steve Earle and has travelled to both Kabul and Kandahar to perform for Canadian Forces personnel. She journeyed to Kenya to contribute her talents to the documentary The Song for Africa, a project aimed at raising awareness among Canada’s youth about the AIDS pandemic in Africa and returned to Rwanda to continue the initiative. In 2010 Damhnait forged another collaboration with musicians Stuart Cameron, Blake Manning and Peter Fusco and The Heartbroken was born. Last fall they released “Storm Clouds” the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album and will tour summer and fall 2017 to support it.



Stan Dragland
Stan Dragland is Professor Emeritus, Department of English, Western University. He was founder of Brick magazine and Brick Books, and is still active with the latter. Dragland is a prolific, critically acclaimed and widely respected author whose companion title to The Great Eastern, Strangers & Others: Newfoundland Essays (Pedlar, 2015), was a finalist for the prestigious BMO Winterset Award. Born and raised in Alberta, Dragland studied at the University of Alberta, where he received a BA and MA, and earned a PhD from Queen’s University. He retired from his teaching post at the University of Western Ontario in 1999, and now lives in St. John’s NL.

Harry Ingram
HarryIngramHarry Ingram was born and raised in Arnold’s Cove, in Ray Guy’s “Far Greater Bay”, Placentia Bay.

Recitations were a core element of Harry’s upbringing. He primarily performs his own original material which tends to focus on the funny side of everyday life. Harry also places great importance on keeping alive the works of those who have gone before him such as Leo O’Brien, John Joe English and Baxter Wareham .He’s also known to appear alongside Dave Paddon, Dave Penny, and Hubert Furey as part of the popular “From Stage to Stage” recitation group.

Andy Jones
Andy Jones, an actor, writer, story-teller and director was born and lives in St. John’s Newfoundland. There, he co-founded and worked at the Resource Centre For The Arts at The L.S.P.U. Hall and was a member of the well-known Newfoundland Comedy troupe CODCO in its theatrical and television incarnations. He has also appeared in numerous movies including the much loved Rare Birds and the Newfoundland cult classic The Adventure Of Faustus Bidgood.

Andy is also a children’s book author with five award-winning Folk tale adaptations to his credit, in addition to the
brand new just released Jack And The Green Man.
See http://www.andyjonesproductions.com/


Vladimir Lucien


Vladimir Lucien is a writer from St. Lucia. Lucien has been published in several journals and has performed his work internationally. He is the author of the poetry collection Sounding Ground which won the OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature in 2015.

See http://www.peepaltreepress.com/authors/vladimir-lucien/


Kevin Major
Born in Stephenville, NL, Kevin Major graduated from Memorial University and then taught school for a number of years. Since 1989 he has been a full-time writer.

He is the author of 17 books, for both young people and adults. The first, Hold Fast, won several awards in Canada and was placed on the Hans Christian Andersen Honour List. The second, Far From Shore, was the winner of the first Canadian Young Adult Book Award. Others which followed include Blood Red Ochre and Eating Between the Lines, winner of the CACL Book-of-the-Year Award.

In 1992 Kevin was given the Vicky Metcalf Award, for an outstanding body of work of significance to young people. His work has been translated into several languages.

An adult novel, No Man’s Land, about the Newfoundland Regiment in World War I, was published in 1995. Kevin adapted it for the stage, and it has been performed each summer for a dozen years by Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity. His more recent books include the Christmas classic The House of Wooden Santas, and a history of Newfoundland and Labrador: As Near To Heaven By Sea (a Canadian best-seller and finalist for the Pearson Non-Fiction Prize). Ann and Seamus, released in 2003 and nominated for several awards, has since been turned into an opera. Performed by Shallaway Choir, it has toured nationally and internationally.

Kevin has been named the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council’s Artist-of-the-Year and in 2011 was awarded an honourary degree by Memorial University.
See www.kevinmajor.ca

Paul McKenna
His controlled vibrato, tinged with Scottish brogue, is finished with the malt tone of a well travelled bard. When he begins to sing, we are all lost; forgetting ourselves in the lore.

As far as folk singers go, this man is the salt.

Glasgow has become the unofficial seat of the Scottish folk music renaissance; echoing across the moors, collecting stories from Hebrides to the borders. Composers like McKenna are journaling a frantic time of political change, in a country often stalwart but consistently overlooked for independence. Referendums. Brexit. There is change coming fast and with that, uncertainty…but always music.

The result is a generation of young songwriters blending traditional music with contemporary concerns for what is to come. Paul McKenna is at the forefront of this burgeoning genre; a master folk guitarist, his empathy for Scotland and conviction for the characters, is spot on in every lyric.

Alumni at some of the worlds finest festivals (Edmonton Folk Fest, Tonder, Cambridge Folk Fest), he has toured Germany, England, Belgium, Australia, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark extensively since 2006. In rotation on BBC Radio 2, BBC Alba, STV he has enjoyed wide acceptance in his native UK.

Irish immigrants on both sides of McKenna’s family made their way to Scotland in the early fifties, desperately searching for work for large families. From Donegal and Mayo, they landed in Glasgow and brought with them singers, players and songs that would mark Paul for what was to come. Interestingly, he would perform outside the home for years, before he would join the circle of kin; the hardest jury of all. By then he was ready. Armed with a degree in Scottish traditional music from The Royal Conservatory in Glasgow, a satchel of Irish scores and a new voice for Scotland, he was ready to write their stories along with his own.

Named Scots Singer of the Year in 2012 at The Scots Traditional Music Awards, Paul’s accolades continue to elevate him and his 4 albums blocked with well crafted tales of a people who centuries later are still seeking freedom.

McKenna will be touring Canada and USA extensively in 2017. Please contact his North American agents for details in each market.

LIVE at Celtic Connections
USA road diary and live clips
Live Performance “Long Days” The Visit

Pamela Morgan
For 19 years, Pamela Morgan was lead singer, guitarist, and arranger for Canada’s pioneering “Celtic” band, Newfoundland’s Figgy Duff, who brought the traditional music of Newfoundland to the world stage.

Since then, Pamela has been spearheading her own independent record label, Amber Music, producing music for NL’s finest roots artists, including four of her own solo CDs, and licensing tracks to various labels worldwide.

As solo artist she has graced stages in England, Canada, the US and Europe, and overseen productions of two original scores for live theater; her own folk opera, “The Nobleman’s Wedding”, and Figgy Duff’s score for Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.

In 2007 she received an honorary doctorate from Memorial University, and in 2008 embarked upon a different journey, studying Graphic Design at the College of the North Atlantic. This new skill set led to the release of her handmade book “Newfoundland Ballads for Piano and Voice” in 2011.

In 2013 Pamela completed recording Figgy Duff’s Tempest score, “Sounds and Sweet Airs” and released her fourth solo CD, entitled “Play On”. Further development work of her original folk opera ” The Nobleman’s Wedding” is ongoing, inspired by a 2014 production of the opera at the Stephenville Theatre Festival.

She continues to write, arrange, perform and tour in her own highly original and hauntingly beautiful style.
see www.pamelamorgan.ca

DaveMoriarty2Dave Moriarty
One of 12 children Dave was born and raised in Harbour Grace NL. Though he travelled around the world during a 38 year military career his love for NFLD music and folklore stayed strong. Retired and living in Freshwater he enjoys entertaining friends and family with recitations and poems from Nfld authors and especially the works of the great Canadian poet Robert Service.


The Old Blue String Band
OldBlueStringBandThe Old Blue String Band have been playing for a little over a year now, blending old-timey and bluegrass songs and tunes with solid musicianship and three-part harmonies. The band brings together equally well-seasoned musicians Allan Byrne – guitar, vocals (the Byrne family, The Blue Drop), Dave Rowe – mandolin, upright bass, vocals (the Rowe family, Crooked Stovepipe, to name a few) and Scott Schillereff – clawhammer banjo, hammered dulcimer, vocals (Tickle Harbour, Atlantic Union).

Dave Paddon
Dave Paddon is a retired airline pilot originally from Northwest River, Labrador. He grew up listening to the songs and stories of the trappers and attending many a late night “session” around many a kitchen table. In 1986 he married a Gander girl and subsequently became immersed in Island culture. As a result he accumulated a store of material which suddenly bubbled to the surface when he and Kim returned to Newfoundland and Labrador in 2005 after 20 years upalong. He wrote his first recitation in 2007 and has now written 24. Five of these have been published in handmade chapbooks and his work is available on a CD or through electronic download. His recitation “Ralph:Flying Hound” was recently released as an illustrated children’s book.

Dave lives in St.John’s and is a regular at festivals and fundraisers throughout the province.
See davepaddon.com

Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne grew up on Newfoundland’s west coast and still resides there, playing music and working as artistic director with the Trails Tales and Tunes Festival in Norris Point. He’s happy to be back for another hop with the Hare.



Craig Francis Power
Craig Francis Power is an artist and writer from St. John’s, Newfoundland. His new novel, The Hope (Pedlar Press 2016), has been critically acclaimed. Power’s first novel, Blood Relatives (Pedlar Press 2010), won the Percy Janes First Novel Award, the Fresh Fish Award for Emerging Writers, the ReLit Award, and was short-listed for the BMO Winterset Award. His hooked rugs, installations, and videos have shown widely across Canada and internationally in both solo and group exhibitions. In 2008, Power was nominated for the Sobey Art Award, which recognizes the work of Canadian artists under forty.


Trevor Smith

TrevorSmith2Playing, performing and recording music has been a big part of Trevor’s life for the past 20 years. Originally from Corner Brook, Trevor lives in Harbour Grace with his wife and two young kids. He teaches music and PE in Carbonear. He runs many extra curricular music groups and loves seeing his passion inspire students of all ages.
Writing songs in his spare time, Trevor just finished recording a full length album of all original music with the band Sojourns based out of St. John’s. You can often catch him playing acoustic songs at the Stone Jug or singing with his classic rock band “Midlife”.

Gerry Strong

Gerry is a whistle and wooden flute player who played for many years with Tickle Harbour and now performs with A Crowd of Bold Sharemen. With these groups he recorded four albums and toured across Canada, Ireland, England and Australia. Gerry has appeared as a guest musician on a multitude of recordings including that of Irish uillean piper Paddy Keenan. In 2008 he recorded his own CD entitled Velvet in the Wind, which features many of the top traditional players in Newfoundland and Labrador today.

Des Walsh

Des 300dpiDes Walsh’s fourth and most recent collection of poetry is The Singer’s Broken Throat (Talonbooks). He has written a dozen produced stage plays including The Moon Shone Bright (Breakwater Books). Walsh’s screenwriting credits include the international hit miniseries’ The Boys of St. Vincent and Random Passage. Love and Savagery, his first feature film, was released November 13, 2009.

His work has won many prestigious international awards including a Gemini Award and the Gold Medal at the Banff Television Festival in Canada, the Umbria Fiction Award in Italy, the Grand FIPA d’Or Cannes in France, and The New York Festivals Award and the 1995 Peabody Award in the United States. He was the recipient of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Arts Achievement Award for 2009.

See http://www.heritage.nf.ca/articles/arts/des-walsh.php/


Baxter and Leeland Wareham

Baxter Wareham is originally from the resettled community of Harbour Buffett in Placentia Bay but moved to Arnold’s Cove where he worked as a school teacher until his retirement in 1996. Baxter has always maintained a strong connection to the place where he was born and from those traditions came a wealth of music and the fine art of storytelling. He has performed to audiences from Newfoundland to Vancouver, across the US and parts of Europe and Asia, as both a solo performer and with groups such as The Wareham Brothers, The Breakwater Troupe, Pat and Joe Byrne, Bristol’s Hope and more recently with his niece and nephew, Lori and Leeland. Baxter has been a part of several recording projects over the years and is ready to release his latest CD consisting of 13 of his favorite and best known recitations, titled “Come Tell Me a Story Granddad”.

Leeland Wareham is a multi-instrumentalist whose earliest musical memories center around “The Wareham Brothers”, his Dad’s immediate family who were active in the early Newfoundland folk scene. With a deep appreciation for traditional music and a love for classic country music, the connection to Bluegrass was inevitable. In 2013 he recorded an album with the bluegrass/country folk group, Albedo and has played on numerous other recording projects over the years. In recent years he has had the pleasure of playing alongside Craig Young as a duo and part of the bluegrass group, Knotty Pine. Leeland is delighted to share the stage with his sister, Lori and his Uncle Baxter again this year.


Betsy Warland

Betsy Warland has published 12 books of creative nonfiction, poetry and lyric prose. A creative writing teacher, mentor and editor, her bestseller book of essays Breathing the Page—Reading the Act of Writing was published in 2010. Oscar of Between – A Memoir of Identity and Ideas, launched Caitlin Press’ Dagger Editions in 2016. Warland received the City of Vancouver Mayor’s Award for Literary Achievement in 2016. She is currently mentoring in The Writer’s Studio at S.F.U. and Vancouver Manuscript Intensive.

See http://www.betsywarland.com/