2010 Schedule

March Hare West

The Brass Taps (College St.), Toronto
Friday 5 March, 8:00 pm & Saturday 6 March, 2:00 pm
featuring Lloyd Bartlett, Michael Crummey, Antony Christie, Anthony Da Sa, Randall Maggs, Pamela Morgan, Sara Tilley, Ron Hynes (Friday only), Stephen Brunt (Friday only), Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall (Saturday only), Caroline Rowe (Saturday only).

East Hare

Masonic Lodge, St John’s
Wednesday, 10 March, 8:00 pm
featuring Jan Conn, Dermot Healy, Joel Hynes, Ron Hynes, Alayna Munce, Andreae Callanan, Randall Maggs, Ellen Power, Allan Ricketts, Kelly Russell.

Eric’s Time

Albatross Hotel, Gander
Thursday 11 March, 7:30 pm
featuring Gina Brown, Matthew Byrne, Jan Conn, Michael Crummey, Paul Dean, Stan Dragland, Dermot Healy, Joel Hynes, Ron Hynes, Alayna Munce, Steve Rowe, Kelly Russell, Gord Quinton, Sara Tilley, Eric West.

“A Swamp Tune in My Head”

The Glynmill Inn, Corner Brook
Friday 12 March, 8:00 pm
featuring The Byrnes, Michael Crummey, Tom Dawe, Stan Dragland, Gerry Squires, Ron Hynes, Pamela Morgan, Stephanie Payne, Larry Small, Gord Quinton, Sara Tilley, Des Walsh.

The Rocky Show

Fisherman’s Landing, Rocky Harbour
Friday 12 March, 8:00 pm
featuring Paul Barry, Anita Best, Paul Dean, Randall Maggs, Shirley Montague, Alayna Munce, Daniel Payne, Linda Slade, Baxter Wareham.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The Legion, Corner Brook
Saturday 13 March, 1:00 pm
featuring Elinor Benjamin, Daniel Payne, the Sir Wilfred Grenfell Acting Troupe.

The High School Show

The Tudor Room, Glynmill Inn, Corner Brook
Saturday, 13 March, 2:00 pm
Tara Manuel, Alayna Munce, 8 student artists.

Pittman’s Fancy

The Legion, Corner Brook
Saturday 13 March, 8:00 pm
featuring Anita Best, Allan Byrne, Matthew Byrne, Jan Conn, Paul Dean, Dermot Healy, Joel Hynes, Ron Hynes, Randall Maggs, Tara Manuel, Kelly Russell, Baxter Wareham, and the New Poet.

The Sunday Soiree

King Henry’s Pub, the Glynmill Inn, Corner Brook
Sunday, 14 March, 2:00 pm
Paul Barry, Anita Best, Allan Byrne, Joe Byrne, Matthew Byrne, Pat Byrne, Nadine Hollett, Ron Hynes, Pamela Morgan, Charlie Payne, Daniel Payne, Stephanie Payne, Gord Quinton, Kelly Russell, Linda Slade, Des Walsh, Don Walsh, Baxter Wareham.