Rex Brown, Project Manager

Rex Brown is the project manager of the March Hare and has been with the Hare since the hatching. Organizing events that bring good people together, from baseball on The Neck onward, has been his compulsion/addiction. Among his undertakings are chairing the Cultural Program for the Corner Brook Winter Games and co-producing the 2001 West Moon to Ireland tour. One of his major achievements with the Hare was to organize the 20th Anniversary celebration which involved taking ten Newfoundland artists and a number of Hare followers to Toronto and to Ireland and six different Irish cities for a week of readings and music with various hosting local artists. For Rex, the show and the gathering, like Cape St. Mary’s, “pays for all.” His belief that, in life as in literature, words are meant to be heard. So if you need to communicate with him, arrange to go around and see him or talk to him by telephone.

Rosie Myers, Program Director

Stephanie McKenzie, Artistic Director